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Zahed Sultan – ‘Ghazi’

Zahed Sultan – ‘Ghazi’

Having previously released his album ‘HI Fear, Lo Love’ in 2011 and reached success with his second single ‘I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her’, Zahed Sultan previews the first single from his upcoming album ‘eyeamsound’.

Be prepared for a journey. The melodically moving track ‘Ghazi’, soon to be released by producer Zahed Sultan, is going to take us places. In fact, I can almost certainly picture this relaxing yet exhilarating piece being bestowed over holiday goers on party islands such as Ibiza.

Originally from Kuwait, Zahed produces in the alternative/electronic genre. His pieces are made up of intricate arrangements that take just the right amount of time to reveal themselves, keeping us involved and attached throughout every second by combining elements of live instrumentation as well as improvised textures. A sentimentally focused producer, he has also been featured on huge global platforms such as MTV Iggy (US) and 02 Academy TV (UK) as an emerging Arab artist.

‘Ghazi’, a track filled with luxurious electric guitar phrases and sweet, moving vocals does exactly what he aspires for his music to do: evoke emotion. From the piano stabs which sit directly at the beginning of the track we expect it to break into Foreigner’s ‘Cold As Ice’ or something to a similar style. However, this riff has much more to offer. The eerie squeaky door special effect we hear alongside the piano grabs the listener’s attention, making us wonder what musical purpose they would have, but it soon becomes clear once we realise each hit is slowly tuned to perfection, blending in, the recurring pattern one our ears soon welcome.

The music in the piece unravels gradually. Some distant guitar picking and a small percussion fill themselves around the sparse opening chords and soon we are fully hypnotised by Zahed’s composition. Bright, beautiful and invigorating, you can honestly feel the emotion that this producer puts into his music.

With that in mind, the vocals take the serenity and honesty of the piece to a whole new level. the singer hitting a perfect pitch both enthralling and uplifting. The vulnerability she expresses in her voice is gloriously raw and mesmerising.

The track finishes as if it were an experience rather than a song. We’re left feeling lost and wanting more, overwhelmed by the exquisite emotions it has inspired. Telling the story of an intimate relationship, Zahed seeks to communicate the feelings of vulnerability through his music: something he takes further in performances with an immersive live show that marries multimedia with his music.

The album ‘eyeamsound’ is set for release in late 2014, but in the mean time check out the SoundCloud preview below! Copies of ‘Ghazi’ are available through iTunes from September 16th.


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