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Wray Enter New Aural Territories on “Nebulous”

Wray Enter New Aural Territories on “Nebulous”

The first single from Wray‘s upcoming album, “Nebulous,” is a sonic departure from the creature-of-habit that they felt had become their process. This track is from the dual record, Stream of Youth / Blank World, an album that explores personal dichotomies: hope and pessimism, wildness and composure, joy and pain.

Allowing “Nebulous” to take hold organically, Wray molded it through addition and subtraction. It’s smooth and rough, blurry and sharp, playful and serious.

Simply put, “Nebulous” is about love and lust; a soundscape made up of concentric circles, building synths and shimmering grooves.

Stay tuned for more from Stream of Youth / Blank World in the coming months.

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