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We Dream of Eden and Dear Gravity join forces on “Riven EP” via Echoes Blue Music

We Dream of Eden and Dear Gravity join forces on “Riven EP” via Echoes Blue Music

The talented Ambient artists We Dream of Eden and Dear Gravity have created a wonderful EP fully packaged of emotions and deepness. This five-track record titled Riven, means to be torn apart. Beauty and tragedy, hope and despair, light and dark, it is travel a super emotive and wide travel with various remarkable climax points. These two sound sculptors met in 2019 through the Hong Kong based record label Echoes Blue Music when Smith (We Dream Of Eden) created a remix for one of Dear Gravity’s tracks. Both were so pleased with the process and the outcome that they started talking about the idea of co-writing. 

“The process was quite simple, we tried to stay in that ‘Riven’ tension and I believe when you create through that place, beautiful things come out of it” says Smith, “we would each send song snippets and sketches to each other over the internet and Mike (Dear Gravity) would add his flavour to my ideas and I would add my flavours to his. Mike’s sound design with guitars and pads made it easy for me to write to with pianos and vocal textures. We were both very open-handed with the compositions and I think that helped to create a really tender and beautiful project.”

“Riven EP” by Dear Gravity and We Dream of Eden is out now via Echoes Blue Music and you can stream/buy it here

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