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Watch Luna Li’s Official “Trying” Music Video

Watch Luna Li’s Official “Trying” Music Video

Listening to Luna Li is the moment you hang suspended between dream and a haziness, or when you’re dancing through a slight tipsiness. You feel beautiful, confident, happy. This is Luna Li and she’s here to help you love

Hew new song, “Trying,” is about anxiety and the feeling of desperation and sense of unreality that can happen when everything gets to be too overwhelming. The dynamics and dreamy feel of the music reflect the feeling of being dazed and restless. Watch the official music video now.

Luna Li is currently working on more new music, set for release later this year. There’s a lot of exploration — within herself and with regards to technique — going on with Luna Li’s new work. Ultimately, it’s about playing by her own rules and no one else’s.

If Luna Li’s music is anything, it is unafraid. And being as magical as it is, this should be no surprise. In commune with the universe, Luna Li is an oracle of our times.

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