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Virtual Riot – ‘We’re Not Alone’ EP

Virtual Riot – ‘We’re Not Alone’ EP

Virtual Riot, Disciple Recordings’ new signing and rising EDM star, released ‘We’re Not Alone’ last Monday. This little gem of an EP has already climbed to the peak of the BeatPort 100 Dubstep album chart. The young producer from Germany cruised past the likes of Zomboy, Skeptical and BeatPort-exclusive EP’s by Bommer and Nostalgia, to take the top spot – and it could well remain there as the release continues to grow in popularity.

Known for his previous EP success ‘There Goes Your Money’ and hits such as ‘Cali Born’ with Helicopter Showdown; Virtual Riot does not disappoint with an epic introduction to kick off this EP with ‘Symphony’ featuring Jonas Minor. At 155BPM in its dubchestral form – still a relatively new or unknown sub-genre of dubstep – ‘Symphony’ culminates with classical instruments shaping a cinematic score over an earth shuddering bass line – reminding me of the internet beast that was Instrumental in Core’s remix of ‘Strength of a Thousand Men’ by the famous duo, Two Steps From Hell.

‘You Know Me’ takes the EP into another direction. With a melodic synthesis of convoluted electro chords and glitch-hop rhythms, Virtual Riot has once again created another smash of a track. ‘Getting Real (Tired Of Your S***)’ follows the same route; overlaying patterns of accurate sound design, coinciding with a thumping bass section that UK dubstep veteran Benga would be proud of, and over all constructing a weighty underbelly that sits at the heart and soul of this big room tune.

Influenced by the likes of the legendary BT, Virtual Riot rotates his skills set once again with the title track ‘We’re Not Alone’. Compared to the rest of the EP this song is a much softer production with serene atmospherics and soothing vocals, with the occasional outburst of Virtual Riot’s usual gritty and gripping style. Neurofunk producer Xilent, arguably the breakout artist of 2011 in the EDM scene, commented on his excitement and appreciation towards Virtual Riot’s YouTube posting of this song through UKF Dubstep’s channel. Fingers crossed for a Xilent remix in the future!

In terms of remixes, Monstercat’s Au5 closes this EP out with his revised version of ‘We’re Not Alone’. The American producer twists the fabric on this mellow track and turns it up a notch, with pulses of techno trance beats lifting the song onto a higher plane while still maintaining its enjoyment factor between the two renditions. The style created on this rework goes against what we have come to expect of Au5. However, if it is experimentation, it has certainly well been received by both his own followers and wider EDM listeners alike.

With this well-rounded EP, Virtual Riot once again has already gained a lot of plaudits in his favour. As to whether it will remain top of the list at BeatPort for the coming months, well that remains to be seen. One thing for sure, though, is that Virtual Riot is definitely an artist you should watch closely for these next few years. Disciple Recordings’ shining star, he could possibly be the new face of EDM in times to come.

Take a listen to the original cut of ‘We’re Not Alone’ below, and pick up your own copy here.

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