Uzons Records presents deep feeling remixes of Marco Uson´s “A Travel Through The Universe” EP

During mid 2018 we interviewed the Madrid based producer Marco Uson who was presenting via his Uzons imprint A Travel Through The Universe EP, a brilliant eclectic release with functional techno and ambient that was supported by some of the biggest heavyweights of the scene.

Now Uzons Records presents A Travel Through The Universe Remixes a three track EP where the original tracks are remixed by the European producers; Hugo Heynard, Nasca and De Kraken. 

This selection of skilled remixers turns the EP beautifully into a melodic, sensual and deep soundscape.

Hugo Heynard who is one of the main dishes of the label remixes Interplanetarium, the cut that opens the release. His great emotive sound is evident in this astonishing deep remix of the original functional techno tool.

From Chile, but currently based in Paris and with releases in labels like Traum, Nasca delivers a super complexed storytelling soundscape. Diverse sounds, tense atmospheres, shiny and moving bells, experimental feelings, elevating melodies, describe among others this very exquisite remix of Marco´s Bell Trip.

Closing the release the Rotterdam based producer De Kraken, who during this 2019 published his first album, greatly remixes the third cut in a way that darkness remains far away. The remix is a dance friendly song being not only a very energetic piece perfect for the climax of any set, but it is also a tool with a big depth too.

This solid remixed EP is a sound testimony that greatly demonstrates  the depth and feelings of what Uzons Records is about.

\\’Marco Uson – A Travel Through The Universe Remixes EP´\\is out now on Uzons Records.

More about Marco Uson here.

More about Hugo Heynard here.

More about Nasca here.

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More about Uzons Records here.

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