Üm ‘Take My Way’ ft Tisha

Üm ‘Take My Way’ ft Tisha (Impact Date 1st September)

“Slick production and a vocal hook that’ll stick on your head for days. Take My Way is destined for your summer playlist”. Matterz Mag

Listen to ‘Take My Way’ ft Tisha on Soundcloud here

Take My Way ft Tisha is the new single from, the hottest producer to come out of France since Martin Solveig. Montpellier based Üm debuted his first EP in January and is on target to release his third by the time the year is out. Though he’s proudly prolific, committing all his time to crafting new productions, the quality of his music is what really sets him apart from other new electronic artists.

Üm worked with the honey-voiced Tisha to create the radio friendly pop track ‘Take My Way’. Üm says “I was looking for some more colourful and warm sounds for Take My Way. I set myself the challenge of making it part of a consistent sounding EP. I locked myself in every night and I think the hard work paid off!”

Though Üm aka Umberto is still a young producer right at the start of his career, he’s been learning music since he was just seven years old. A true multi-talent, he plays the clarinet, drums, cello and piano! His many inspirations can be heard in his productions, ranging from world music, jazz, rock and current artists including Aurora, Synapson, Bonobo, Fakear and The Avener.  Internationally renowned producer Romulus discovered Üm’s music and fell in love with it. Through him, Üm met by his manager and later signed to Pleiade Productions. His first EP was released by Pictor Music.

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