Ukrainian composer VONAVI shares another amazing Track from his upcoming Album

After Sunburst, Vonavi’s successful debut release premiered by Kaltblut Magazine, the anticipated follow up single Fear For You is announced for February 15th, released through his home label 61seconds. The mesmerizing official music video was shot by Matthew Bowie.


Fear for you is the second track released by TripHop prodigy Vonavi, and introduces to the more introspective side of the artist. Himself a humble nomad, Vonavi lets the audience be part of his vulnerability. Through Lorna Rose’s rawly honest lyricism, the track gains extra momentum on the intimate yet cold feeling of a lost bond: “Scattering ash over the cold cold ground / the breeze it carries your words / Takes them away to where they can’t make a sound”

In their startling introduction, Vonavi and Lorna Rose underline the damaging effect on unreflected actions on your surroundings. After receiving the final vocals from Lorna, Vonavi found new inspiration in the track he almost gave up on during the production.

The video tells the story of healing trauma and the returning of compassion and empathy.


Melancholic soundscapes between Massive Attack and Florence + the Machine resemble his nature-inspired style. Vonavi is the modern Nomad, a nature-bound artist. Yet futuristic in his production, he stimulates the ear through both subtle organic feeling and overwhelming emotional appeal.

Director Matthew Bowie on Fear for you: “When I first heard this song I was brought to tears. It made me think about myself and reminded me of how easy it is to make choices that hurt yourself and others.“

Since Vonavi’s first video was well received amongst fans and critics and even gained an exclusive Premiere on Kaltblut Magazine, the imminent next steps on his thriving career are avidly expected.


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