Tunnelvisions remix Moscoman and WOOZE single ‘Eyes Wide Strut’

Tunnelvisions remix Moscoman and WOOZE single ‘Eyes Wide Strut’

Dutch duo Tunnelvisions have remixed Moscoman and WOOZE’s latest single ‘Eyes Wide Strut’, out on Thursday 18th June.

A rousing, high-energy take on the original, the Tunnelvisions remix of ‘Eyes Wide Strut’ announces itself with a pounding kick drum, then making way for a flurry of infectious synth stabs and the slick WOOZE vocals.

Tunnelvisions explain: “When we heard Moscoman’s original we knew right away we wanted to give it our own indie dance flair. The bassline and guitars were used as main elements in the track. Combined with the WOOZE vocals we knew we had something fresh after the first session. The result is a track that feels energetic but still playful for us, in true Tunnelvisions fashion.”

The original track will feature on Moscoman’s forthcoming album Time Slips Away, which he explains is “inspired by the highs and lows of my touring life – the amazing gigs, the shitty ones. The opportunity to see the world vs the crazy traveling schedules and lack of sleep”. So far this year, the Berlin-based artist has released two singles from the album – ‘Back Again’ and ‘What Do We Care’ with Teleman and Tom Sanders which also includes a remix from Gerd Janson.

Born Chen Moscovici, Moscoman spent most of his life in Tel Aviv and released on labels such as Because, City Slang, Life & Death and Diynamic, but it was a move back to Berlin a couple of years ago which really pushed things forward. “It was a great place to step back and overlook my whole life,” he explains. “I didn’t have time before to sit down and think where I was going. Now I see the wider picture.”

With an unmistakable ear for imaginative, melodic themes and entrancing rhythms, Tunnelvisions hit the sweet spot by seamlessly fusing worldly influences with analog synthesisers. They will return to Disco Halal to release an EP later this year.

A fresh, high-octane take on the original, Tunnelvisions give ‘Eyes Wide Strut’ a more contemporary vibe with their remix.

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