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TOOPOOR’s ‘Crazy Girls’ is Out Now

TOOPOOR’s ‘Crazy Girls’ is Out Now

TOOPOOR brings you ‘Crazy Girls’ – a track centered around a dysfunctional relationship, proving, “it takes two to toxic.” Produced by Killstation, ‘Crazy Girls’ is the perfect introduction to TOOPOOR’s experimental pop punk sound and infinite influence.

‘Crazy Girls’ might be TOOPOOR’s debut release, but she’s no stranger to the Internet. With an extremely loyal fanbase, TOOPOOR first carved a lane for herself as a staple in the Los Angeles underground scene, but has more than outgrown her local status, now reaching 566K Instagramfollowers. TOOPOOR draws fans in with her unparalleled style and immense creativity, making her debut music release a huge moment in her next creative chapter.

“As a creative, I feel like I’ve done it all, and shared it with the world. All except music. I wanted to start writing/singing to leave something on earth that would live forever. I wanted to share a part of me, that would never die.” – TOOPOOR

Directed by Mezzy, the ‘Crazy Girls’ music video brings TOOPOOR’s toxic fantasy to life. Bleeding eyes, a distorted camcorder, and the hazy destruction of a liquor store, it’s impossible to escape once you’ve entered her room. It’s part sinister adventure, part dark-pop dreamscape, and all perfectly TOOPOOR.

‘Crazy Girls’ is available now via Autnmy Records.

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