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Love Harder a.k.a. multi-award-winning producer Will Simms crashed onto the scene last summer with heavyweight dance label Ultra Music and made an immediate impression. Now he’s back with a new single ‘Outta My Head’ ft Julie Bergan and looks set to continue his rise to the top. We thought it was time to find out more about this new UK talent…

Can you tell us about your new single ‘Outta My Head’ ft Julie Bergan and explain the difference between Love Harder and Will Simms?

Sure:) Well ‘Outta My Head’ is a track I started at home while my 9 year old son was playing Fortnite in the room. I had just downloaded some new sound banks and was testing them out. I made this track in 15 mins really with the ‘du du dun’ hook and my kid was fogging mad for it. We were then singing that the whole day. The following week a session with Julie Bergan and LPW presented itself and I played them the track. They loved it, we finished writing it and Julie sounded just perfect. And although the story is about not being able to get someone out of your head, it’s also a nod to the fact that you can’t really get this melody out of your head either.

Will Simms is the producer/writer/artist/genre-bending/world-traveling-in-search-of-music guy.

And Love Harder is my dance alter ego. The DJ/producer! I love dance music and I had to to this for my sanity.

As Will Simms and Love Harder you seem to like to collaborate with other artists. What has been your favourite collaboration to date and why?

As Will Simms the producer, I have worked and collaborated with so many people across so many genres. One of my fave was Chad Hugo from the Neptunes/N.E.R.D. He is one of my idols and working with him was an incredible experience. We even had a #1 in Korea with a k-pop record we made. Madness. Lol

As Love Harder it’s only just begun, but I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with both Amber Van Day and Julie Bergan on my records. And of course the collab with Lost Frequencies who I love. So far it’s been a blast to work with everyone.


We heard you were inspired by the original hardcore rave sounds. Who were your favourite artists and what was it you liked about the music?

Oh man! Hardcore was my life. So many great artists. Slipmatt, Brisk, Sy and Unknown, vibes, Scott brown (Probably my fave). The whole Fantasia and Club Kinetic scene…and also the Harder Gabba sounds from Holland, Dj Paul, the Prophet, Neophyte. The list goes on. Lol

That music just used to make me feel so freaking high. No drugs, just the music! The piano riffs were so feel good.

If you weren’t a producer and songwriter what do you think you would be doing and why?

I would probably live on a beautiful remote island, naked with gorgeous women, eating fruits and fish and making love all day. It’s either music or that.

Your debut Love Harder single ‘Oblivion’ ft Amber Van Day was snapped up by Ultra Music and hit 13 million streams. How did you catch the attention of Ultra? Do you feel pressure that you need to keep delivering big hits and if so, how do you cope with that?

It was such a crazy thing. We finished that song in the studio on a Thursday afternoon, I went home and played it and it was just a minute and thirty seconds and thought, let me just copy paste the whole thing again make it 3 minutes lol. I sent it that evening to my co-writers, all our managers, and publishers, and the next day, I had a call from Tracey at Ultra saying they had just heard the song and wanted to sign it! I said ok, let’s go! And the rest is history.

Of course when your first record works well, you do feel a bit of pressure for what to do next but I am just going to make records I love and I am proud of and the rest is up to the listeners.

You’re at your private party after winning your first Love Harder Grammy Award. Which artists (dead or alive) are on your guest list and why?

Prince, Daft Punk, DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco, Steve Aoki, Dua Lipa, BTS, Calvin Harris, R3hab, Diplo, Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo, Quincy Jones, Billie Eilish, Phil Collins, Da Baby, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendez, Lady Gaga, Timbaland… I am missing loads. But I would just sit us all down and be like, ok peeps, what do we do next all together and how do we put our powers together to lead and help steer the world in a positive progressive direction.

The Love Harder releases to date have been potential crossover, full vocal tracks. Do you harbour any secret desires to also make underground club tracks, like David Guetta with his Jack Back pseudonym or Calvin Harris with Love Regenerator for example?

Definitely. I am working on a few bits 🙂 Certainly, when I DJ I will also play a little more club vibes.

What’s up next for Love Harder?

More music, gigs, more collabs and a lot of Netflix at the moment! #lockdown

Finally, any tips for surviving lockdown?

Acceptance is key right now. Even if it’s scary for a lot of people and especially the repercussions it will have in some people’s lives. It’s a cliche but listen to songs you love, discover new series. Learn something new. Work out, Meditate. Empty that cabinet, Make love if you have a Quaran”ting”. Hope you all stay strong and safe. Peace x


Love Harder \”Outta My Head\” ft Julie Bergan is out now on Ultra Music:

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