The Loft Club – Heart’s Desire (Eat More Cake Remix)

It’s a sunday evening, and the kettle has boiled. What’s going through your mind? I can tell you what’s going through mine…. where’s the cake?!

Which leads me to Eat More Cake’s latest offering, a brand new deep house remix of “Heart’s Desire” by The Loft Club. It’s mood driven, full of sugar, with delicious icing! No, serious, it’s superb!

The Loft Club might not ring any bells, but that’s because they are a new band from Britain. That being said, they are well worth checking out, and have a couple of versions of this single on YouTube that sound just as pleasing to the ear. The band members are Daniel Schamroth, Jamie Whyte, Kieran Chalmers and Amy O’Loughlin, and they have a debut EP out on Lightyear Entertainment.

Listen on Soundcloud

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