The Lights Downtown Entice on New Track

The Lights Downtown Entice on New Track

The Lights Downtown (TLD) is a band / production / songwriting duo from Toronto, consisting of best friends Brendon Bonnor and Jordan Lennen. Blending new and unique sounds with the old, TLD blur the lines between indie, deep house, and pop.


Their new single, “I Think I Miss You,” was inspired by being in a place where you’re not quite sure what’s next – when you know that you’re leaving something behind that meant a lot to you.

“We’re best friends and roommates, and we love to make music together. We try to capture fun life moments through our songs, and are grateful to have such supportive friends that live these moments with us. We want the music to speak for itself – we hope our listeners can interpret each of our songs in a way that’s meaningful to them,” shares the group.
With a bright future ahead, we’re eager to hear more of what the duo has to offer up next!


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