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Star Goes Nova Is Back with “Hazelwood Moon”

Star Goes Nova Is Back with “Hazelwood Moon”

Returning with another intergalactic story told through music is Star Goes Nova with “Hazelwood Moon”. Star Goes Nova invites vocalist Fuse to sing on her track as she produces a very sweet and melodic tune. As always, Star Goes Nova flawlessly combines electronic dubstep with classical instruments to create music that sounds out of this world. Star Goes Nova brings in her well-known 115 year old piano to create the main harmonies of the song.

This single, although it has a tinge of eerie, ominous music, is more mellow than Star Goes Nova’s previous singles. This is something far more powerful and engulfing. Star Goes Nova makes something that feels as though we are shifting from past to present on this soundscape journey. “Hazelwood Moon” makes a listener feel as though they are floating through space, able to see and touch all the marvelous and mystical things that float around them. Whereas her other singles seemed to be more fast-paced, this song is much slower, allowing us to bask in the feeling of floating through beautiful beings in space.

The dubstep undertones cast an eerie glow on other words a mellow and wistful song. The classical instrumentation counters the dubstep and adds an air of wealth around the song. Star Goes Nova has done yet another amazing job at creating music that is celestial and attainable. A listener can close their eyes and imagine the world she wants us to be in. We can feel relaxed while also frightened from the past that lurks in the shadows. A heavenly being shares their love with us, which can make us feel wistful towards the love wasted in the past.

Star Goes Nova embraces the strong similarity with Pink Floyd in this single. During their experimental phase, they too made us feel as though we were traveling through outer space. They have darker soundscaping songs and they have some lighter ones. Star Goes Nova combines both the dark with the light in this single. She carries out the dark past, but uses her soundscaping abilities to make us feel lightweight and royal. This song is different from her previous releases, but it truly brings about some deeper emotions within this soundscape. Star Goes Nova’s power to take us to an otherworldly experience astounds us and yet never seems to let us down. “Hazelwood Moon” is a very beautiful piece of art.


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