Son of 8 interview ahead of pier jam this saturday

Son of 8 are not fresh on the scene, however their sound projects influences of the modern era intertwined with classic Chigaco cuts from yesteryear. The Liverpudlian duo have had memorable tours the US whilst also conquering Ibiza; this weekend the duo will perform Blackpools illustrious Pier Jam soiree with Duke Dumont. Here we chat with the duo about their productions and performing the North Pier this weekend.

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?

We are great – tired but great. Ibiza every week is hard but rewarding at the same time. We’ve got great tracks and gigs lined up for the months ahead so it’s all good in the Son Of 8 camp!

Tell us how you linked with Phats & Small for a collab. How did that come about?

One of the people we work with is good friends with Phats & Small and passed on some of our material to them to have a listen to. They loved what we were producing at the time and asked if we would like to do a collaboration with them. We threw a few ideas about and then came up with a rework of Every Heartbeat.

And what does the tune sound like? Did you work in the studio or over the internet or what?

The track sounds in some ways very similar to the original but in other ways very different, if that makes sense?! We like to think we have put a 2016 up-to-date spin on the track.

We worked over the internet as both of our schedules are crazy busy at this moment in time. We spoke a lot on Skype and bounced ideas back and forth until we were all happy with the final product.

Tell us about Ibiza and what it means to you, why you love the place.

Ibiza means everything to us. It’s where we both holidayed as teenagers and where we both fell in love with house music. The place is magical and we both would like to live there permanently one day.

What is it like being residents at Judgement? What is the role of a resident DJ?

It’s been really good – better than we could have hoped for. It’s great being in Ibiza – we open and close the night so it’s amazing being able to do a cool, deep house warm-up set then close the night on a different vibe with a pumping, jacking house set. The guest DJs we’ve been fortunate to play alongside have been fantastic and have really shown the different sides to the Judgement brand.

How did it come about that you got that gig, for anyone keen to break into the scene?

We did some gigs with Jules over the winter that went really well and became friends, so it all went from there really. He really believed in what we were doing in terms of our music, and like him, Paul is a qualified lawyer, which is quite random for two DJs, so we hit it off.

And how does that differ to being a headliner? What’s the difference in your view?

There’s always a huge buzz about being the headliner because more often than not the crowd are already primed and ready to go which is great. But having said that, we also love warming up nights – choosing the music direction is a big responsibility and taking things from having an empty dance floor at the start of the night to filling it is a great feeling. You’ve got the task of playing good, cool warm up music but not playing anything that would tread on the headliner’s toes too – warming up is one of the most important sets of the night and something we take great pride in.

What records have really been doing it in Ibiza this summer so far?

There are so many records been doing it for us this summer but here are a few that have really been smashing the dance floor for us.

Tai & Son of 8 – In & Out

Jean Jacques Smoothie – Two People

Purple Disco Machine – Set it Out

What else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

We have more gigs in UK and Europe, we also need lots of studio time – we are in the fortunate position of having a few labels chasing us for tracks at the moment. We have so many ‘nearly-finished’ tracks that we need to get done, but it’s hard to find the time when you’re in and out of Ibiza every week – that’s definitely a good problem to have!

You play Pier Jam soon – what should people expect from you there?

We can’t wait to play Pier Jam..  We will be playing a lot of our own music but It’s all about keeping a pumping bassline going and the crowd happy. There is so much good music around at the moment we are sometimes spoilt for choice.

Son of play Pier Jam this Saturday – tickets can be found here – www.pierjam.co.uk

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