Showtek Deliver Emotive Music Video “MOMMA” Via Universal Music

Showtek Deliver Emotive Music Video “MOMMA” Via Universal Music

With the recent release of their new single “MOMMA” on Universal Music, Dutch duo Showtek have revealed their official music video out on March 13th through Unviersal Music. Featuring the vocal talents of Earl St. Clair, the “MOMMA” music video is a tribute to women and mother’s across the globe and discusses the hardships they have faced over the years.

Originally written on Mother’s Day, Showtek knew they had a special single with “MOMMA” and wanted to create something even more impactful with the video. Set in an old school western vibe, the video uses black and white images to portray the darkness of mankind. The video addresses important topics such as degrading the environment, sexual abuse scandals and conflict around the world, all which are serious topics to Showtek.

“The video makes you very aware of what is actually happening in this world and it’s very eye-opening.” Showtek say.

Expanding on the original idea of a mother figure, Showtek and the director created a video around the central idea of three women: Mother Earth, mothers of our children and our birth mothers, and focuses on the ways men have hurt them throughout time.

Showtek add, “ Momma is a tribute to our mothers and woman all over the world, as it’s often forgotten how important they are and what role they play in life. It’s something different than we normally do and we wanted to create awareness to how special mother’s and woman are in this world. “

Comprised of sibling pair Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, Showtek have exploded onto the global dance scene following success with crossover hits such as David Guetta collaboration ‘Bad’ (363 million Spotify streams) and ‘Booyah’ (40 million Spotify streams), the latter peaked at #5 in the UK Singles chart, marking their first worldwide hit.

Having worked with some of the biggest acts in world dance music, including fellow Dutch producers Tiësto and Hardwell, the duo also collaborated with Major Lazer in 2016 for ‘Believer’, which has over 70 million Spotify streams, and with Moby in 2018 for ‘Natural Blues’ and counting.

With the excitement growing for Showtek’s latest single, the new music video “MOMMA” is out now! 

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