Rising Star Crvvcks Talks New Single ‘Full Circle’

The 23-year Leeds-residing producer Crvvcks (pronounced Crooks), has been gaining a reputation for making lush, chord-based production in singles ‘Palms’ and ‘Just You’. He’s racked up millions of plays online, seen numerous playlists additions on Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport, and graced the airwaves of influential radio stations including Triple J, Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1.

‘Full Circle’ is the latest single from this rising star, released in collaboration with fellow Leeds buddies Linier, marking their debut on Hoxton’s Perfect Havoc label. With key support from Lost Frequencies, Tiesto and The Dixon Brothers, we caught up with Crvvcks to find out how it all began…

How are you, and how has 2019 been so far?

I’m good! 2019 is going really good so far. I’ve been really focusing on getting as much music out as I can and working on as many projects as possible.

How long did it take you to find your own sound as a producer? When did you first start making music and why, and how long until you were happy with what you made?

I think it took quite a few years for me to find my sound. I first started making music when I was around 14-15, so around 8-9 years ago. I still feel that I am yet to make my best work. I guess that’s why I love making music as I have the chance to improve after every track I work on.

Talk us through your latest release Full Circle – what inspired or influenced it? Where did you start and what gear did you use?

Myself and the Linier boys have been friends for a few years so this collaboration was long overdue ha. I think the fact that we are all mates helped with the dynamics when working on it. I remember during the first session we did, I pulled up a few vocal toplines that I had from the super talented Lauren L’aimant and we worked on it from there.

What sort of things are most important for you when making music? Are you a bass head or a melody man, for example?

Definitely both! I feel the best tracks are the ones that have a balance of lush melodies and chords while still having grit and groove from the bassline.

What one song or piece of music changed your life?

Disclosure’s album “Settle” definitely changed the game for me.

If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to play in the Netherlands, I’ve heard that the vibe is awesome over there.

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of 2019?

Just working on more music, playing shows and improving as an artist!

What one piece of advice would you offer to anyone reading this interview and why?

The best piece of advice I could give for any up and coming producer is patience. Anything that is great or worth having takes time.

Has music always been in your life or your vision?

It has! Music has been my passion for the most part of my life.

Sum up Crvvcks in 5 words or less?

Lush chords and soulful progressions

Full Circle by Crvvcks and Linier is out now on Perfect Havoc.

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