Review: ‘The Herbaliser’ and ‘The Mouse Outfit’ at Manchester’s 02 Ritz

On May 18th a big party went down in Manchester City Centre at the O2 Ritz and all in the name of old school trip and hip hop artists ‘The Herbaliser’ and ‘The Mouse Outfit’.

Both acts were phenomenal on stage and the crowd went OFF! When I say this, I strongly believe it is down to two reasons. One being how well both artists bounced from each another and two; because of the history and pure skill behind each bands individual story, progression in the industry, technique and musical knowledge. Both ‘The Herbaliser’ and ‘The Mouse Outfit’ like to put across a message to their fans and this is projected in their lyrics.

(Picture above: ‘The Herbaliser’)

Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba are the original and still standing forefront artists behind the production of ‘The Herbaliser’. Jake comes from a Jazz background whereby he was influenced by this from a young age; beginning his career by playing in funk and rock bands via guitar and bass.

Ollie was an astonishing 15 years old when he started DJ’ing. Maybe for a bit of fun with his friends at first however this seemingly progressed into something more when he began to play live sets in London shortly after he grew a following and started his own independent record label. ‘Ninja Tune’ was to sign up ‘The Herbaliser’ when the 80’s exploded into its own era of jazz sounding hip-hop as they loved what they were doing. Since 1995 to today ‘The Herbaliser’ have made a prevalent impact on the hip-hop industry, owning 11 albums and completing 2 special DJ mixes, ‘The Herbaliser’ in comparison to other trip hop bands such as ‘Massive Attack’ take a more fluent, jazz felt, edgy and funky rhythm to their music. In some cases they often use their glitch skills to form a more rap and hip hop combination also.

Check out their song ‘The Blend’ below; taken from their 1997 album ‘Blow Your Headphones’;

Over the years, ‘The Herbaliser’ has been invited to produce music for the likes of Motorola, Playstation 2 and Guy Richie’s ‘Snatch’. While at the gig in Manchester, the band were able to take the crowd by storm as they used a lot of in crowd engagement and the passion from each and every member of the band on stage was evident through their own expression and enjoyment and this could be seen from any part of the dancefloor!

In 2015, ‘The Herbaliser’ were placed 33 in the top 50 trip hop albums of ALL TIME so no wonder they were on the same line up supporting the likes of the more newly recognised hip-hop legends ‘The Mouse Outfit’.

Originally ‘The Mouse Outfit’ is from Manchester so first off, I would like to say how great it was to see them play in their home city. The reality of this was just astonishing, everything the band did was truly felt by all those that attended as each person I crossed paths with on the dance-floor appeared totally mesmerised and knew nearly every lyric to every song. The place was full of avid fans and I think that ‘The Mouse Outfit’ recognised this also; giving them an even bigger sense of achievement. Chin and Defty make up the main ‘Mouse Outfit’ artists however they collaborate with a great backing team also.

‘The Mouse Outfit’ have become so big and identified in the hip-hop scene in recent years that their career has taken them through a European and UK tour (with Manchester being one of the place’s they performed) – it was evident that the group were putting 100% into everything otherwise this opportunity may never have arisen for them. ‘The Mouse Outfit’ has remixes online with artists along the lines of ‘Mungos Hi-Fi’, ‘Dub Phizix’ and ‘DJ Vadim’.

You can check out the extent of their tour below:


Manchester Mouse Outfit 1


Manchester Mouse Outfit 2


Check their website below for more information:




As you can see, ‘The Mouse Outfit’ have plenty of time for their audience and fans and I can say that this love was truly felt on the evening I attended! They bring an old school vibe; mixed with a collaboration of traditional and innovative hip hop beats that reminds me of a rappers delight. Solid grooves, fluid moves and a soul influence. ‘The Mouse Outfit’ were great to see!

The last video below shows the band closing with their ‘ONE LAST SONG’ hype;

Enjoy! TNG x

Manchester Mouse Outfit 3 Last Song



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