Review: La Discothèque – Albert Hall, Manchester

Last weekend, CityLife award winner La Discothèque returned to Manchester’s Albert Hall for their first event of 2018.

Arriving just before the stipulated last entry time of 10:30pm, Nottingham based Crazy P Soundsystem was already on the Main Stage. Their sound was very much electro pop with 80’s vibes seeping out of it. Showcasing tracks from their multitude of albums, the energy they created was huge from as soon as the set began.

Danielle Moore swapped and changed between singing throughout and dancing across the stage as though she was in an empty room. She, alone, allowed everyone in that crowd to copy her and dance like nobody was watching.

Next, we made our way to the toilet disco AKA ‘La Pisscotheque’, where we must admit we spent a large chunk of our night! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, La Pisscotheque takes place in the basement loos of the Albert Hall and is a shout out to the Manumission days back in 1999, resurrecting the club toilet culture. Along with DJ Paulette, Crazy P’s Danielle Moore and Purple Disco Machine both made special guest appearances and did not disappoint.

Live from the toilet rave 'La Pisscotheque': Part 4

Live from the toilet rave 'La Pisscotheque' at La Discothèque // Part 4// The Albert Hall

Posted by Manchester's Finest on Saturday, 10 February 2018


That being said, we couldn’t spend ALL our night in the loo and, lucky for us, Purple Disco Machine played a blinder of a set in the main room before we got to catch him for a second time later on in the toilet. Originating all the way from Germany, he lit up the main room right from the outset. Both creative and diverse, Purple Disco Machine threw down classic after classic, treating those in attendance to his dance floor destroying funk. Continuously increasing atmosphere levels throughout his set, he presented a performance defined by sophistication and authenticity.

Another impressive set from the main room came from French duo, Cassius. Their set flitted between filtered, funky disco house sounds, to big, noisy electro-rock-house that was peppered occasionally with tech house, while creatively looping in samples and accapellas from their classics ‘My Feeling’ and ‘1999’.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Closing the main room was Prosumer. What is always so apparent with Achim Brandenburg AKA Prosumer is that he oozes passion. His records, an ever-solid blend of timeless house and disco, were mixed in a manner as pure as you’d expect from someone of his experience. From the off, he kept the crowd wrapped around his little finger, incredibly tight in the mix while seamlessly flitting between eras of dance music. There were chunky ’90s house classics alongside disco-not-disco excursions to keep the crowd on their feet until close.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

It’s easy to see why La Discothèque has gained such acclaim. From its blend of old and nu-disco, which brings together an eclectic crowd, to the toilet disco which is utterly inspired, we are completely hooked.

We absolutely can’t wait for the next one!

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