Review: Hot Chip, Barrowland, Glasgow

Purveyors of some of the finest dance parties, Hot Chip were in Glasgow on Saturday night for a very special sold out show at the infamous Barrlowland Ballroom.

Dressed in matching pastel-hued jackets, Hot Chip launched straight into Huarache Lights, the lead single off their 2015 album “Why Make Sense?”, the crowd immediately began their appreciative head bobbing that would escalate to a full on dance party over the course of the next few songs. Classic tracks One Night Stand and Night And Day elicited jeers of pleasure with lead singer Alexis Taylor’s unfaultable falsetto the guiding light for the thick, layered sounds.

Next, Flutes provided a nice change of sound and also an opportunity to show off their synchronised dance moves which they obviously relished. Although the track runs on the longer side at seven minutes, the audience’s energy remained consistently high throughout. Despite being delightfully danceable, it’s also one of the best vehicles Taylor has at his disposal to showcase his vocal range.

New single Hungry Child was up next, followed by fan favourite Boy From School. However, the crowd was really sent into convulsions of dance induced pleasure as soon as those oh-so-recognisable first sounds of mega tune Over And Over were teased. In recorded form the song is an undeniable earworm but live it is transformed to an entrancing overload of a song commanding anyone listening to start moving their feet.

The tail of the set list brought us a cover of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage and hit single Ready For The Floor.

Hot Chip’s unique ability to fill dancefloors with willing participants before taking their breath away with emotion is what has always set them apart from other dance/electronic bands. It’s also what makes their live shows such a pleasure to witness. They are truly a live act that everyone needs to add to their bucket list.

Hot Chip
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