Review: Elrow Halloween at the Warehouse Project

Emerging from Barcelona and taking their iconic club brand worldwide, Elrow really is something special. After a long series of events over the summer of 2016 at Space, Ibiza, Elrow has quickly gained recognition as one of the consistently best nights today.

When you walk in through the Store Street doors, and into the main room, you can’t help but feel a sense of privilege to be there, to have gained a ticket to such an iconic event, and be in just one of few venues in the UK where the party is set to go off in 2016 from the Barcelona heavyweights.

Never before have we seen Store Street transformed into such a different place. Using elaborate set design, troops of performers, confetti cannons and plenty other crazy artifices, Elrow created a dazzling and immersive experience that left us well and truly stunned.












The event started at just 2pm, going through until 2am. It’s for this reason that the crowd were so full of energy, and we really enjoyed the earlier shift, meaning we could get to bed at a sociable time that allowed us to feel great at work on Monday!

Every hour or so the room erupted in a spectacular rainbow blizzard of confetti while costumed stilt walkers put on trippy shows and generally messed with the clubbers’ heads.

Eats Everything played a fast paced “anything goes” set covering disco, house and techno, with tunes ranging from a remixed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, to Mark Fancuilli’s “The Tide”.

The rest of the evening’s proceedings were brilliantly played out by Elrow residents Toni Varga and Robert James, along with Solardo and Pan-Pot to name a few. With Solardo on the decks after Eats Everything’s impressive set, the boisterous crowd were treated to an hour and a half of house hedonism as the duo dropped acid house classics alongside smooth deep house and jacking grooves. It really was a ‘you were there’ moment and every drop punctuated with confetti canyons in abundance to really take the spectacle to the next level.

When Pan-Pot joined the party to close, the party had reached a fierce and fanciful peak. The duo were on top form as they delivered an orthodox set, high on energy and full of collection of heavy berlin techno crowd pleasers. They closed the night out the way it started; to a packed dance floor and room full of energy.













We were there for 6 hours in total and genuinely didn’t want the party to end; with boundary pushing production values, seeing really is believing at Elrow.




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