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quietype Share Mesmerizing New Single

quietype Share Mesmerizing New Single

Late night ruminations under the streetlights. A silent moment of heartbreak on the drive home. Fights that are whispered, not screamed. These are the moments that inspire the sounds of Toronto-based trio quietype.

Island,” the band’s new single, blends soulful R&B melodies with rock sensibilities and hypnotic electronic textures. Dark, moody verses crescendo into raucous chorus grooves, electric guitars collide with dynamic synth lines, and programmed trap drums jitter around cavernous rock beats.

We hope that people have a visceral experience that replicates the emotions people feel in a troubled relationship. We want to take listeners on that emotional journey through our music, both lyrically and sonically.
– quietype

The band’s forthcoming debut self-titled EP is a brutally honest depiction of a relationship that is slowly, quietly fracturing. It’s an elegy to the joys of falling in love – and the pain of falling out of it.

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