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Punt Guns release high-octane video for ‘Who Am I’

Punt Guns release high-octane video for ‘Who Am I’

Cyber rockers Samura1 and Karisma, also known as Punt Guns, release psychedelic and entrancing video for their latest single ‘Who Am I’. The electronic rock track includes distorted vocals accompanied by sped up visuals of highways, stairways and corridors through  kaleidoscopic effects, all reflecting a sense of disorientation and being lost, also expressed in the track’s lyricism. The band’s experimental energy creates a futuristic feel with powerful lyrics centering topics of existence and identity.

Speaking of the duo’s upcoming album, Samura1 shares: “We did together three recording sessions – two in Assault&Battery and one in Dean Street Studios, London. In total, we’ve recorded eight songs for the album, but at the time we’ve got about another twenty songs in the demo stage.” 

Punt Guns began their musical journey together in 2017, with their sound emulating those of Muse and Rage Against The Machine, the pair manage to take the origins of electronica, rock and pop but with an apocalyptic and explosive twist. The band’s uncommon identification have already attracted some high-profile collaborators, including Glen Nicholls who has previously worked with Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy and Sia. Punt Guns video for ‘Who Am I’ is an epic piece of videography, and certainly creates an air of anticipation for the band’s future releases.

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