Punt Guns bend genres in ‘Who Am I’

Punt Guns bend genres in ‘Who Am I’

Made up of Samsura1 and Karisma, this fearsome duo have a habit for creating compelling music that flirts between electronica, trip-hop and heart-wrenching rock riffing. The pair’s newest offering is equally as bold, and comes in the form of ‘Who Am I’.

Discussing the single they explain:

”The track almost feels like two songs in one with crushing odd time guitar riff and playful indie verses in a contrast with eerie hip hop beats in choruses outlined by classical music harmony…The message is simple – accepting the uncertainty of the world makes you free from all the expectations. Who Am I, questions are running wild.”

If you were to plug Royal Blood into the national grid, they’d probably come out sounding like Punt Guns – but much less powerful and far less predictable. It’s tricky to find a comparison to these electronica/hard-rock pioneers, but that’s about as close we can get. We can’t wait to hear what the band have up their sleeves for the rest of 2020.

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