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Psychedelic UK Rapper Onoe Caponoe releases trippy single and video for ‘Suicide City’ to announce new album

Psychedelic UK Rapper Onoe Caponoe releases trippy single and video for ‘Suicide City’ to announce new album

UK rapper Onoe Caponoe unveils his new single Suicide Citywith accompanying video, from the newly announced upcoming album ‘Surf or Die on renowned Hip Hop label, High Focus Records.

His first release in over two years, Onoe channels in on his menacing nature. Drawing in on his dark and candid persona on ‘Suicide City’ with effortless wordplay, the bass heavy rack mimics the coarse realities of life, as well as setting the tones for his anticipated fourth album:

“The name ‘Suicide City’ is a reference to living in a city while doing things that could potentially kill you and not caring” Onoe explains. “The song itself touches on this slightly while also talking about me coming back to making rap music”.

Released alongside the track is Onoe’s visual perception video, bringing the track to life through a distorted, warped and psychedelic lens that conveys a dark and twisted outlook on city life, as shots of riots and unrest are intercut with Onoe behind a neon-lit backdrop.

The cathartic artwork illustrated by Onoe himself emphasises the visual behind his music, making reference to “trippy anime” and “fun horror shit” in addition to retaining his affection for cats that the rapper is recognised for.

Talking album the upcoming release of ‘Surf or Die, the London-based artist explains he’s taken a new approach,

“With this album I wanted to make it all about good songs, not too deep, weird or overpowering. Something for people to enjoy. If they want I’m sure they can find deeper meaning in things but for the most part I was just creating good vibes, regardless of subject matter.”

Since his 2015 arrival, Onoe has received ample buzz for its eclectic sound, lucid rhymes and unique perspective across his three albums, garnering critical acclaim from the likes of Dazed, Noisey and Complex. In addition to his solo endeavours, he is a founding member of the art collective HOLY DELIX 169 which was ahead of the curve in its adoption of Afrofuturist principles.

The seamless blend of psychedelic and rugged soundscapes fronted by his ominous aesthetic is what sets Onoe Caponoe apart from the current crop of UK rappers. A fact that will be further consolidated with the release of his new album ‘Surf or Die in March.

Onoe Capone continues to march to the beat of his own drum on the thought-provoking ‘Suicide City. Released on High Focus Records, the music video and track are available now.

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