PREMIERE: Fucu – Rocker (Pink Lizard Music)

PREMIERE: Fucu – Rocker (Pink Lizard Music)

PREMIERE: Fucu – Rocker

Out now on Pink Lizard Records

(with Spatial Awareness and Benbo remixes out 08.07.16)


The only thing we can confirm about Fucu for definite is that they make exquisite electronic music, as picked up by the likes of Barely Legal (BBC 1Xtra), Coco Cole (Capital Xtra), and Eddy Temple-Morris (Soho Radio).

We don’t know if Fucu is a he, she, or they. We don’t know where he/she/they are from, or names, or anything. Even Pink Lizard Records have only got an email address. It could be someone famous on the other side of London toying with us; it could be a completely unknown band on the other side of the planet.

But whoever Fucu may or may not be, Rocker most definitely is exquisite; left of centre, off kilter, flawed, fractured, a slab of dub infused beauty that nods from the dancefloor towards techno and its ambient neighbours.
Complementing the original version is a remix from Spatial Awareness, strapping the dub-drenched beauty down to a four to the floor workout that explores the deeper, techno end of the pool; and a minimal shuffle from label boss Benbo.

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