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Peter Vogelaar releases standout single ‘Lovette’

Peter Vogelaar releases standout single ‘Lovette’

Lovette is a driving force of electronica which features captivating vocals that sit over pulsing synths and driving hat rhythms. Forged by Irish producer Peter Vogelaar, the track features Sacred Animals – better known for the 2019 release Mono. Having been added to New Music Friday UK,  the track is commercial by design, at least in comparison to the record it’s taken from.

Said record, titled ‘Inner Creatures’ is a noble long play made for decks and solitary listening, knitted together with flair and poignancy. Described as an internal affair that was altogether impossible to switch off from, Peter Vogelaar has produced his best work yet.

Although Lovette is the stand out single, there is plenty to be excited about on this record, including its opener Felicity Breathes and Stole. With unique textures and joyous musicality, ‘Inner Creatures’ urges the listener to look inwards. This record is a fine release, and is one of our favourites.

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