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Oslated announces reissue of Javier Marimon’s General Noise. 

Oslated announces reissue of Javier Marimon’s General Noise. 

The wonderful label and platform founded by Jongmin Lee has announced a reissue of Javier Marimon’s General Noise LP, a digital treasure from 2018 that now is available on a limited edition of 200 vinyl copies.

It will be available from your local record shops this year and also as both vinyl and digital order via Oslated’s Bandcamp soon.

Every purchase from Bandcamp includes digital download code and stickers.

These tracks are an attempt to counter-noise the window input from a roaring wild world. Built from incoming sounds, old recorded clicks, pollution in all its variants, frustration for the path of evolution, excitement for the incoming unknownness, new simple life patterns, and the promise of a better horizon on a convoluted and overstimulated pineal gland.

General Noise is a well made record of advanced electronic music.

’Javier Marimon – General Noise´ is out now on Oslated

Grab your copy here.

More about Javier Marimon here.

More about Oslated here.

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