Oma Nata discusses his debut album The Discovery

Great to have the chance to speak with you today! So, Oma Nata, how would you best introduce yourself to someone who is yet to discover your music?

With kisses all over šŸ™‚

Your album is set to drop at the end of the month, how long has this collection been in the works for?Ā 

Almost a year by now. The writing and recording process was fairly quick.

It is quite varied in its sound, where do you take your musical influences from?Ā 

Everywhere, from Theo Parrish to Paco de Lucia. Itā€™s hard to pin out but it is always connected to what I am into at the moment Im playing an instrument.

If you had to recommend a place for someone to listen to this album, where would it be?

SurroundedĀ by nature, in the forest, raining, in the dark.

Am I right in thinking the guitar is an important piece of your life? When did you first look to include guitar in a more electronic sounding production?

Definitely, I think if I want to make it more personal a guitar or bass needs to be there.

Do you have one guitarist that you look up to the most?

John Frusciante has always been the one.

The Discovery will be released on discotexas, what pulled you towards releasing on this label?Ā 

It was a natural process, I have been connected to this guys since I was a kid and now I feel very moved that they invested in this album.

Can we expect to hear a follow up album any time soon?

Yes, hopefully as soon as possible!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today!

The Discovery LP is out today and available to buy here.

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