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Norwegian DJ Ørjan Nilsen drops new track \’Once There Were Raves\’

Norwegian DJ Ørjan Nilsen drops new track \’Once There Were Raves\’

Marking the second release off of Orjan\’s forthcoming album, The Devil is in The Detail, the Norwegian DJ and producer returns with a trance-heavy track \’Once There Were Raves\’, dropping on his very own label, In My Opinion.

The anthem for all people living wild and free, Orjan Nilsen’s ‘Once There Were Raves’ builds on the rave-tinged madness of ‘FOMO’ to produce another slam dunk. With gliding synth soars and heavy Trance gates that fuel the fire, this track equals mainstage mayhem like no other.

The track intoxicates its listeners with a bass-heavy and synth-laden beat. ‘Once There Were Raves’ is Orjan Nilsen’s answer to a well-mended trance track – something that he has perfected over the years. With a speedy and progressive repetition on the bass drum, Orjan transports listeners to the underground club scene in which he was bred.

As a product of the Norwegian music scene, Ørjan Nilsen’s success has come as no surprise. Dedicated, hardworking and energetic, the producer and DJ has gained a respective fan base across the globe. Working under the Dutch label Armada Music, Ørjan released a range of groove-ridden tracks including ‘Body’ which amassed over 5 million streams in a few months and multi-genre infused albums In My Opinion, No Saint Out of Me and Prism. His lively performances and high energy sets have garnered him gigs at some of the most iconic clubs and biggest festivals in the world solidifying his position as a dance music sensation.

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