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niecesandnephews Reveal Stunning EP

niecesandnephews Reveal Stunning EP

niecesandnephews construct an intriguing new sound that will hit your ears just right. The latest EP “Lines Appearing Parallel,” is a bold and beautiful look into the niecesandnephews world. A musical project spearheaded by Mario Gutierrez, he brings an intriguing listening experience for your ears, that you will not soon forget.

Recently Mario of niecesandnephews shared:

“This EP reflects on experiences of being led astray. The wish that maybe you said something different. Thinking back and feeling better that it may have been something else, something that was out of your control. Did your best to be vulnerable. Then the cycle of confusion/anger comes back but not as strong or ill tempered. It’s a sonic representation of this experience. A flower appearing to be at arms reach but there’s 80 feet and a fence between.”

A current Brooklynite, Mario and niecesandnephews is a burst of vibrancy and energy that carries throughout the entire release. The 4-track EP blends dreamy sonic tones and hypnotic melodies that bring Mario’s vision to life. With a new world on the horizon, niecesandnephews pave the way for the greatness to come out of the darkness. “Lines Appearing Parallel,” is out via all digital outlets now.


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