Nhar to Headline Source Super New Moon Party at Bar A Bar, London in July

Nhar to Headline Source Super New Moon Party at Bar A Bar, London in July

Voir Records is thrilled to welcome French electronic producer, Nhar to London to headline its SOURCE Super New Moon party on 13th July. The artist, who established himself as a DJ in the thriving techno scene of Southern France in the early 00s, has since developed a distinctive sound of his own through a plethora of releases on some of the most highly regarded electronic record labels in Europe, such as Modelisme, Mobilee, Plak, Soniculture and Crossfrontier Audio, most recently, with the mesmerising single, ‘Light Radius’.

Nhar’s music is embedded with glimmers of diverse but reassuringly familiar influences such as disco, minimal techno and deep house, yet it seems to fall from another world; a faraway planet where moonbeam grooves collide with reverberating dark matter and dreamy melodies float over beats that are both uplifting and cutting. This is a mysterious terrain where murky echoes and bass sounds can rise up from the shadows of some unseen deeper layer at any time and melancholy dances with joy. Unpredictable and paradoxical, there is something alien about Nhar’s soundscape and yet it presents an emotional range and depth that could only come from the highest levels of human understanding.

Lauded for his exquisitely delivered DJ sets around the world as much as his beautiful compositions, it is an honour to have this shining talent make a rare appearance at a London club in alignment with the rare occurrence of a Super New Moon this summer. While the New Moon itself will not be visible from earth on the night, it will be much closer than usual and if you’re ready for the journey, Nhar just might be the person to take you there.

Nhar will be supported on the 13th July by SOURCE founding DJs, Marc Ibanez and Channel 11 of Voir Records.

Tickets are £10 in advance and may be purchased on Resident Advisor here.


Presenting a new intimate clubbing experience in London, SOURCE is an invitation to embark on a journey underground to reach a higher place under a spell of world electronica, nu disco, melodic synths, dark basslines and minimal techno.

Founded by two old friends after a brief conversation during a chance encounter at a music festival last summer, the concept behind SOURCE is very simple: to put on a celebration of great music and artists in a small, minimalist space and simply enjoy all the magic that can come with that. Combining the atmosphere of a house party with the sound system of a club, the launch night achieved this mission and a special kind of magic emerged. This is the type of magic that cannot be bottled but it can be recreated and that is the purpose of gathering under SOURCE.

We look forward to July’s Super New Moon Party with Nhar as our special guest very much and hope you can join us!

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