New album release: Inspiration by Voluptas Mors

Hypnotic and beguiling, Voluptas Mors weaves a surreal world with “Inspiration”. Rather luxurious, their style effortlessly blends in elements of downtempo, pop, jazz, all anchored by a trip-hop beat. Quite unique, Voluptas Mors draw from a wide variety of artists throughout their album, from DJ Shadow to Portishead. Melodies flutter about over the course of the album, glistening with the gorgeous keyboards Voluptas Mors utilizes throughout. By far though the heart and soul of the album rests with the soothing, gentle vocals. Within these vocals, the lyrics take a loving, almost poetic form as they are unspooled. Attention to detail means that Voluptas Mors allows for a wide variety of color to enter the compositions, all while employing a strong sense of timelessness.
Positively glowing “I Will Rise Up” begins the album on a high note. From such mellowed tones the song picks up including an ever-growing series of intricate percussive layers. Slowing things down considerably “We Are Burning” possesses a mellowed approach before it bursts forth with such power for the final stretch. Nicely incorporating horns the nimble “Hold Me In Your Arms” opts for an intimate tenderness. Flexible grooves drive “Million Questions” forward, as the song taps into a late-night, noir style. Keeping things spacious “It’s Too Late Now” brings a tactile quality into the proceedings, giving it a childlike wonder. Easily the highlight of the album comes for the closer, the elaborate richness of “City Of Sin”.
On “Inspiration” Voluptas Mors offers a calm soothing cool.
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