Neverland – A Brand New Single by Natalia Moskal

Neverland – A Brand New Single by Natalia Moskal

One year after the premiere of her debut album, Songs of Myself, Natalia Moskal releases a new song called Neverland. Could it be a soundtrack to you dancing in the moonlight on a beach?

The personal lyrics and the music video made of short films that illustrate the singer’s personal and professional life render the song really authentic while its energetic, funk-inspired production make it a perfect summer hit. On the one hand, Natalia remains faithful to her beloved electronic sounds which we could be familiar with, as those sounds were used on her debut long play. On the other, Neverland is inspired by American funk music of the 60s.

Natalia wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the music along with a Polish producer, pianist and arranger, Adam Bieranowski and another vocalist, Małgorzata Nakonieczna. What adds a really cool vibe to the song, is the featuring recorded by rapper Wojtek Miecznikowski.

While writing Neverland we seeked inspiration in music of James Brown, Janelle Monae, Prince or Bruno Mars. My debut record is full of sounds typical of the 80s and 90s. With Neverland we’ve travelled even further into the past. This single is about the dilemmas and choices that a young adult has to face – something that I am struggling with right now. I would rather knock on the door of such Neverland where you simply do not have to grow up. – says Natalia herself.

What is more? The second album by Natalia Moskal is coming quite soon and we will be able to hear the first new songs in the fall.

Make sure you see the Neverland video and check Natalia’s social media for updates: /

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