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Neveready releases his dreamy debut EP ‘The Forest’

Neveready releases his dreamy debut EP ‘The Forest’

DJ, producer and vocalist Neveready (Petteri Arpiainen) releases his dreamy debut EP ‘The Forest’ via NexGen Music.

‘Return of the Birds’, the second single from the EP, is yet another atmospheric release from the talented producer. Laced with Charlotta’s woozy vocals, the track opens with misty drum patterns and lulling guitar melodies. It transports the listener into a sun-dappled glade filled with heady pollen and bird-song – a dreamy summer reverie.

Speaking of ‘The Forest’ EP, Neveready explains, “I wanted to create a soundtrack for ‘getting lost in the forest’, for people to unwind from their busy realities. The songs are constructed and composed to sound like they are played by a band, even though most of the people involved have never met each other in the flesh. It is essentially my ‘imaginary’ band playing what I would like it to play.”

Tune in below.

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