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Nathassia Shares Multi-Cultural New Single

Nathassia Shares Multi-Cultural New Single

The History making single Bust (Egypt’s Queen) is the debut release from the Nathassia’s album Devine Sunrise, produced by renowned downtempo/electronica artist – Pete Ardron & Nathassia.

Never in the long celebrated history of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor had any live music been permitted to be performed there. However recently the Nefertiti Fashion Festival was granted a one-off special dispensation to allow live music at the sacred space and they chose Nathassia to open the event with a true landmark live performance of Bust (Egypt’s Queen).

Electronic Music once again transgressed borders and mindsets by mixing East & West just like Nathassia herself.

Nathassia performed live to a celebrity audience which included the princess of Egypt. Hundreds of her fans traveled the length & breadth of Egypt to catch the incredible historic performance with some of the highlights captured in her music video.

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