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NASIR debuts to redefine Jordanian funk music

NASIR debuts to redefine Jordanian funk music

The Jordan born R&B/Soul singer, NASIR, just released his first single Ms. Complicated via Disrupción Records from Spain.

This track has a funky and retro vibe that actively exhibits NASIR’s sound and it doesn’t waste a second in making its statement:

The single is the very first song written by the artist. It is the perfect way to start his journey, allowing audiences to witness his evolution through his music. Whether you’re impacted by his deep vocals, or entranced by the rhythms, Ms. Complicated will make sure you “lose it to the groove”.

Ms. Complicated tells the story of a man in love with the idea of a woman, the mystery woman we see from afar, upon whom we project our own story. The entire song takes place in the artist’s head, too afraid or anxious to approach her, yet unable to get her out of his thoughts. The multi-instrumentalist brings a high energy, hard-hitting sound while also pushing the conventional norms of today’s genre boundaries. He is influenced by artists such as Umm Kalthoum, AbdelHalim, Farid el Atrash on the one hand, and Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, and Michael Jackson on the other. NASIR explores the rhythms played at Arabic celebrations with melodies based on vocal lines traditionally sung in the mountains of Lebanon. The artist fuses these sounds with the drum and bass-heavy grooves of funk and hip-hop along his path to develop a fresh sound. NASIR looks to have the music speak to the listener as much as the lyrics do, hoping to capture audiences regardless of the language they speak.

His debut EP Complicated will be released on October 23rd and it will arrive with four tracks, telling the story of the artist’s journey towards embracing a sound and identity.

“Ms. Complicated” by NASIR is out now and you can stream it here

More about Disrupción Records here.


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