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Mortem – ‘Midnight Analogs / Y.O.U.’ EP

Mortem – ‘Midnight Analogs / Y.O.U.’ EP

This is one for all the drum & bass heads out there, hot on the heels of releases on Metalheadz and Critical, Karol Ziober aka Mortem is readying two new tracks on the Swiss outfit Demand Records.

From the same place that the Noise Gate favourites Roy Green & Protone brought out the awesome Storming on, Mortem now calls Demand Records home. Already smashing out a few releases on the D&B mainstay, soon he will give us ‘Midnight Analogs’ and ‘Y.O.U.’

As you might expect from Mortem the two track release sees some really atmospheric and heavy drum & bass being brought to the table, with some sonically enhanced warping vocals on both cuts. ‘Midnight’ is your pounding fast-paced 3am stomping ground, whilst ‘Y.O.U.’ brings about the darker elements of the genre to the foreground.

Both tracks by Mortem are due to be released on Demands Records in early January! In the mean time, check them both out on SoundCloud here and here.

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