Mix of the Week: Julie Marghilano

Mix of the Week: Julie Marghilano

This week we’ve got for you a very special and exclusive-to-TNG mix by Sol Asylum Records founder, Julie Marghilano. The mix was recorded live during her set at The NXT GEN in Bulgaria last month.

Raised in Las Vegas, followed by several years spent exploring her Italian roots in Riccione and a short spell in London, Julie now lives in Berlin where she set up the Sol Asylum label, a vinyl only outlet (and party), which she currently runs with the help of her friend and fellow DJ/producer, Miss Jools.

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Track list:

1. OdD – Lignum Vitae (Barac Remix)
2. Tetelepta & Buitendjik – Twenty Six Times
3. Mike Shannon – Slip It
4. Rodraq – Joimaritsa
5. Oshana – I See Through Your Body Parts
6. Baraso & Zendig – The Treatment (Early Dub)
7. Octave One – Eniac
8. Sascha Funke vs Nina Kravitz – Moses
9. DJ Pierre – What is House Music (Ricardo Villaobos Remix)
10. Ricardo Villalobos – Fadutron
11. Coblestone Jazz – India in Me
12. AJ Sound – Basemental
13. Vinyl Speed Adjust – Beatrok
14. U-more – Bipolar
15. Martyne & Jacob – Edge of Infinity
16. Ark & Pit Spector – Ferry
17. DeWalta & Voitman – Semi-Floating Objects
18. Tadeo – IO (Cassy Moving on Mix)
19. Eddie C – Move Me
20. Volkin Akin – Voltage (Villalobos Remix)
21. Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu – Lit
22. Guiliame & The Coutu Dumonts – They Only Come Out at Night (Horror Inc. Remix)

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