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Michael Lukes releases poignant video for Stars

Michael Lukes releases poignant video for Stars

‘Stars’ is the newest video from the Italian-British singer-songwriter Michael Lukes, and stands as a much needed beacon of hope in these turbulent times. Poignant and carefully crafted, the release is a triumphant addition to Michael’s back catalog, building further onto his 2019 EP titled ‘I Am’.

When discussing the relevance of the message within the video, Michael explains: 

“Already at the beginning of the video this theme can be felt, with the words ‘We are the Universe, we are all equal, we are one, we are all stars’. Then I also thought about the period we went through in these difficult and surreal months linked to the pandemic. What did we understand? Besides making us reflect on the important aspects of life, this event cancelled out, if ever there were any, the differences between people. We all found ourselves on the same level and the video wants to go in this direction: we are the same, we have always been, we will continue to be.”

Shuffling between Rome and London, Michael started his solo career in 2017 and has been hailed by the likes of BBC Radio6 and Introducing. Michael’s ‘I Am Tour’ was suspended due to Covid-19, but has plenty of new songs in the works that flirt between indie pop and folk. Michael is an artist not to be missed.

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