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Marco Sciacca – Vanessa Ep | Bellissima! Records

Marco Sciacca – Vanessa Ep | Bellissima! Records

Release Date: 20/07/2018

Format: Tape + Digital

Label: Bellissima! Records


When talking about the work of Marco Sciacca it should be only disrespectful to consider it only as a mere sampling exercise. It is in fact much and much more. It’s a true soundscape of a moody afternoon dipped into a night swim in the sea, smoking expensive cigars. We’ve loved it since the beginning and we think that you will as well. Sure the best is yet to come, but this is a wonderful start.

From House to Techno and all that’s in between, BELLISSIMA! is focused toward sonic excellence and carefully crafted gems; starting from hand drawn covers to full analogue mastering, we care for every bit of our work to deliver a full-fledged superb package. We hope you’ll love this as we do! 
Each release has a custom handmade artwork.



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