Magic Door Join Forces With Love International

Magic Door Join Forces With Love International

Taking place on Friday 29th April, Birmingham’s Magic Door is set to welcome Croatian festival debutants Love International, joining forces ahead of the sublime odyssey this summer. Having firmly established their boat party credentials at The Garden Festival – think fancy dress, PBR Streetgang on top form and the Midlands mayhem transplanted to the shimmering Adriatic – the guys are now planning an even wilder voyage across the waves in July.

But first there’s this show coming up at Lab 11, with brand new resident Maxxi Soundsystem and Jukes of Hazard headlining, and of course some very special guests only revealed on the night itself. Maxxi has just created a brand new MD mix here: And as ever, the shows keep selling out before these guests have been announced. That’s part of the magic of Magic Door – believing in a night which doesn’t purely hinge on huge special guests DJs (but the guest DJs are always brilliant), with the emphasis always firmly fixed on a feast for all the senses; themed nights, epic fancy dress, incredible attention to detail with the production, magic beans leading to glittery makeup, a truly friendly crowd and a bouncing multi-roomed environment each time.

One of Magic Door’s founders, Jit, explains: “We have got a great history with Croatia and are really proud to be teaming up with Love International with one of our special boat parties. The guys behind it, Dave and Tom, have got a similar philosophy to ours – which is basically making sure everyone has a bloody good time! We are continuing to build Magic Door each show, refining and enhancing what we do, and every party trying to top the last one. It’s great that we have got Maxxi Soundsystem as a resident now too. Sam (Maxxi) has been has been a hugely popular secret guest and mischief maker at quite a few of our parties and he’s been part of the Magic Door crew for a while now. Obviously with Sam being a hugely respected DJ/producer is a massive bonus too. There has been a fair bit of chatter on making him a more regular fixture and it’s great that we have pulled it together to make it official finally. On top of Maxxi, we have got some very, very special secret guests joining him too for this show who are also headlining Love International festival, and we can’t wait for everyone to find out who they are.”

This is going to be the last Magic Door in Birmingham for a while, with the next party taking place much later in the summer. As well as Love International, the guys are returning to Lunar Festival in June.


£10 + b/f (early birds), £12 + b/f (2nd release), £15 + b/f (3rd release), £18 + b/f (final release), motd

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