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London-based DJ/producer duo, Long & Harris, are poised to hit the big league in 2014. Their debut track ‘Sex and Consent’ was put out by none other than Toolroom Records last year, and since then they’ve gone on to release through Seamless Recordings and Whartone.

The quality of their output has won them support from major acts across the spectrum of house and beyond, with H&L cuts finding their way into the sets of Disclosure, Annie Mac, Davide Squillace and Mark Knight, to name but a few. The summer of 2013 saw them tear it up on the Future Gods Stage at Global Gathering and this year promises many more big room gigs.

We caught up with Long & Harris (AKA Kane Harris and Shane Long) for an exclusive interview…

How are things going right now? Tell us about some recent highlights?
Yeah everything’s been going really well, we’ve been producing lots of great tracks, playing some greats gigs, looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen this year – hopefully big things! One of our highlights from last year would definitely be playing at Global Gathering, it was one of those experiences we will never forget, it was incredible. Also it was an honour to play with all the Toolroom Records crew at Ministry of Sound for their Toolroom Ten tour, that was another fantastic highlight of 2013.

How did you first come to collaborate with each other? What gave you the idea to form a duo?
Well I’d been producing music since I started college. Kane was a friend of a friend and we got chatting. From there we started DJing at various events together and running different nights.

What kind of setup are you currently using live? What are the reasons for this?
USBs at the minute. We both started out on vinyl and so we are a bit stuck up when it comes to the whole laptop DJ set up, although we do wonder how much longer this will be the case and when we may move over to the dark side!

How about in the studio? Is there much crossover with the way you work onstage?
Not really, but we’re both very hands-on in the studio, just as we are when we DJ. Kane does love a good play with the effects on the mixer!

For all aspiring producers out there, what do you think is the minimum amount of kit to start making music and catching the attention of labels?
Obviously getting a decent DAW to begin with is essential. We currently use Logic and pretty much always have done (apart from a short period of using Cubase when I was at college). The basics of it are really simple and the best thing to do at the start is to actually learn how to use it properly. You can still make some great sounds without having to spend huge amounts of money on plug-ins or hardware. After that, get a decent pair of monitors and get cracking. For example, most of our basslines are made in the ES2, a standard Logic plug-in.

What kind of qualities do you try to bring out in your sound, whether you’re playing in a club or making your own sounds?
Groove. We always try to make tracks that have some good underlying musical elements in them, however, the most important thing is that they (and our club sets for that matter) have a good flow to them – something that you can’t help but move to.

Would you say your style of house music is evolving? If so, in what direction is it heading?
Our style is definitely changing. Last year we signed our first track as Long & Harris, so 2013 was a bit of an experimental year overall. Now we are trying to define our own sound. We had a lot of garage-inspired tracks last year, but since then we’ve been moving away from that classic garagy deep house vibe that was huge for the likes of Dusky & Huxley, and we’ve gone a bit more nu disco, I suppose. Our next release, ‘Close to 89’, is out on Toolroom’s Miami compilation, and we would say that this is the beginning of a new sound that can expect to hear from us for the rest of this year.

Which other producers and/or DJs do you really rate and why?
There are fair few! The likes of Darius Syrossian and Josh Butler are the sort of guys who seem to get the groove of their beats absolutely spot on every time, and at the minute we also enjoy artists like Kant, Nolan and Teenage Mutants. Kolombo and Solomon have always been a favourite of ours as well.

What would you be if you weren’t DJs and producers?
Probably something extremely boring. Kane has a business degree, and Shane is a qualified accountant.

What has the rest of 2014 got in store for you?
Hopefully something very special!

Check out L&H’s latest track ‘Close to ’89’ below and click here for a free and exclusive mix that the guys put together especially for TNG…

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