Lexie Palms debuts sumptuous summer single ‘Can It Be Me’.

Originating from the sun-soaked shoreline of Porto, surrounded by the pristine sands and mountainous waves, Portuguese native and alternative R&B artist Lexie Palms shares her debut single – ‘Can It Be Me’.

Currently London living, the soulfully soothing singer, songwriter and producer has her focus firmly set on creating emotive songs fuelled with colour, spirit and feeling. Oozing a confident, comforting warmth, her smooth and sultry vocals dust over textured and undulating synth lines, culminating in a proud fusion of her Mediterranean roots combined with threads of her vibrant, modernistic city life.

Having her artist name itself derive from the place of her birth – Leça da Palmeira, keeps the young singer feel grounded and ever connected to her homeland. Having spent the previous year performing in and around the city, whilst continuing to explore and create her music, Lexie Palms is primed and ready to share new music this 2020 leading up to a debut EP “midstream”.

Intimately describing the tune in more detail, Lexie Palms openly shares:

“Can It Be Me was the first track I made after taking a one-year break in song writing and producing. That was straight after I graduated from university and the stress of constantly trying to figure out what would come next in my career got the best of me. ‘Can It Be Me’ marked a shift in that mindset and unlocked a feeling of hope and desire to go further with my music. It’s about realising that when you’re hungry for more and really do it just for pure enjoyment and happiness, that’s when you start moving forward. At the same time, ‘Can It Be Me’ connects my love and longing for the ocean with my home Leça da Palmeira and Porto, which remain very present in my music.

“And now I know what the water brought. The river flows and it doesn’t stop. And so, it brings out the best in me. Can it be me?”. This track makes me feel at home…”

As well as recently collaborating on Carlos do Complexo’s latest track ‘MiSTAKES’, Lexie Palms
also featured on Ellesses #MyStyleMySound sessions at Metropolis Studios.


You can stream Can It Be Me on all platforms here.


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[Photo Credit: Jonathan Wykes]

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