LABEL BOSS MIX: Seven (Uprise Audio)

LABEL BOSS MIX: Seven (Uprise Audio)

The second of this week’s label boss podcasts is courtesy of Uprise Audio boss, Seven, who packs a staggering 30 tracks into a blazing 55-minute mix.

Seven, known to his friends as Edward, was an early mover & shaker in the UK drum and bass scene and has a release catalogue harking all the way back to 1994 and the golden era of jungle. Initially gaining recognition with a number of singles on DnB godfather Andy C’s label, Ram Records, along with Frequency and High Lite Recordings, liquid V, Philly Blunt and Bad Company, he eventually got his true calling in the late noughties as he settled into his stride as an accomplished dubstep producer

Signing music to some of dubstep’s most pioneering imprints, Seven became a key figure of the UK’s underground scene. After releasing a hefty number of singles, Edward made the decision to formulate his first full–length album, which was released on Black Box Records in 2012. The ‘Evolution’ LP was one of the most successful albums of the year within the dubstep scene. Avoiding the rampant trend of giving in to commercial interests, Edward has stuck to his roots with deep, dark, and experimental sounds.

Seven’s most recent work includes his second full–length album, a self–titled, 11–track LP released on his own label at the end of 2014.

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Track list:

1. Truth – The Ark
2. Seven – Walter White (Special VIP Mix)
3. LSN – Fear & Love
4. SP & LX ONE – Hunted
5. Spec – Awaken
6. Headhunter – Clone
7. Spec – Fibre
8. J:Kenzo – Technoid
9. Juss B – Vain
10. Indiji and dubtek – Reformat
11. Badklaat – Passage
12. Skeptical – Kaya
13. The Other & Youngsta
14. Seven – Cerebral
15. LSN – HMS Death
16. Seven – Injection
17. Indiji – Hard Dub
18. AxH – Numbskull
19. Indiji – Politiks
20. Spec – lander
21. Indiji – Establishment
22. Asylum – Things you don’t know
23. Feonix & LSN – Central
24. LSN – Kepler
25. Juss b – Boatload (Special VIP)
26. Feonix – West
28. Feonix – Dwyrain Canol
29. Adam F – Metropolis
30. Indiji – Surgeon

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