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Kyle Sparkman & Mike Casey join forces on “Cami”

Kyle Sparkman & Mike Casey join forces on “Cami”

We are pleased to have Mike Casey again on our pages, the talented New York based artist has released a new collaboration with Kyle Sparkman, one of the funkiest fresh talents from Philadelphia. Kyle’s music runs the gamut from groovy funk rock to laidback acoustic and everything in between. These two musician met in Philadelphia as members of REC Philly, the Forbes recognized, Live Nation sponsored artist incubator and have since collaborated on stage a few times in the past. Nowadays, a proper congruence between them is demonstrated in this solid cut.

Kyle’s words: In 2018, I packed up my life in Philly and moved across the Atlantic to work and live in Lyon, France. Around the same time, my friend & collaborator Mike Casey made a similar move to Spain to study at Berklee College of Music’s Valencia campus. 
Cami is inspired by my time in France. Living in a foreign country can be tough, and after a period of feeling particularly estranged from the country I was living in, I had a day that brought me out of a fog. 
On an unseasonably warm and sunny winter Friday, I played a really satisfying set to a packed house at a local bistro, then hopped on a last-minute opportunity with my friends to see Sugar Candy Mountain perform (a great psych rock band in town from California). It was one of those nights that you just know is going to be a fond memory for a long time to come. The character Cami in the song is the embodiment of that night – something that comes into your life for only a brief moment and lives on as a dreamy, idealistic memory.
The next day, late at night in my friends small studio apartment, I recorded a rough demo of what came to be Cami and sent it to Mike. We had been talking about working on a song for a while, and this felt like the right opportunity. As soon as we returned to the US, we got in the studio and recorded the final track together.

“Cami” EP by Kyle Sparkman & Mike Casey is out now and you can buy/stream it here

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