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Kamar & The Bugged Mind Crew take exciting ‘Avenues’

Kamar & The Bugged Mind Crew take exciting ‘Avenues’

Artist, rapper and world-renowned music executive Cyril Kamar has joined together 15 creatives from different backgrounds around the world to form an exciting new international art collective – Kamar & The Bugged Mind Crew.  

Their debut album “Avenues” just came out and they’ve just recently released the video for the album title track.

Influenced by New-York and Toronto’s music scenes, with references like Drake, Frank Ocean and Jay Z, Kamar & The Bugged Out Crew’s music is, without any doubt, mature, edgy, audacious, unexpected and against the tide.

Members and contributors of the collective include contemporary international artists JonOne, Pierre Soulages, international model Fernanda Oliveira, fashion icon Melle Agnès, Givenchy beauty director Nicolas Degennes and many more.

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