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Jungleboi Shares Debut EP Riding On A Light Beam

Jungleboi Shares Debut EP Riding On A Light Beam

British artist Jungleboi has unveiled his exciting debut EP ‘Riding On A Light Beam’, out October 25th.

A diverse collection of music, ‘Riding On A Light Beam’ covers an array of styles and genres across its seven tracks, while also including a number of guest vocalists. EP opener ‘Hold My Hands Up’, a collaboration with acclaimed singer and Beyonce collaborator Arrow Benjamin, is a beautifully written song about the power of surrender, yet it only offers a first glimpse of Jungleboi’s sonic versatility.

Further guest vocals come from Dom McAllister and Molly Kate Kestner on ‘Sinner’s Suicide’ and ‘Prisoner’ respectively, with Jungleboi delivering a perfectly rounded debut offering in the process.

Discussing the project, Jungleboi explained: “This mini album is representative of my life over the last year or so. I’ve collaborated with some really good friends on this project and it feels like with the release of my first mini album a chapter in my life is closing and I’m excited to share with the world what’s coming next.”

Spending his early years in South Africa, Jungleboi found himself surrounded by the country’s traditional music, chants, humming and Afro-soul from a young age. He then travelled the world during his teens, settling in London and falling in love with EDM, pop and alternative music, which helped him create his signature sound.

“My approach is unorthodox, I didn’t study music and so I never learned what I’m not supposed to do,” Jungleboi explains. “I will put all types of genres together based on what I feel a song needs rather than how it should be, or how I’ve heard it being done. I love to use all the influences I’ve been exposed to from all the countries I lived in as a young boy”

His heritage also inspired his stage name, albeit somewhat sarcastically: “I came up with Jungleboi initially as a joke. A lot of people have a skewed vision of what Africa actually looks like and sometimes reduce you to cliches like ‘Oh, you’re from the jungle then’, so I thought I’d steer into it and own it”.

No stranger to rubbing shoulders with big-hitters, Jungleboi performed with Kanye West at the 2015 BRIT Awards, along with SkeptaStormzyKrept & Konan and Novelist amongst others. He has also worked with UKG legend Shy FX and Cara Delevingne on ‘Rudeboy Lovesong’, as well as Lily Allen, Ms Banks and

A seriously impressive debut, ‘Riding On A Light Beam’ represents the next chapter in the story of one of the UK scene’s most exciting prospects.

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