An Interview With JouTi

Known to friends and family as Marina Marinkevich, Ukrainan singer/songwriter JouTi is a multi-talented artist with a well-informed background in both classical and jazz.

Having recently experienced huge success in the world of EDM with her smash hit ‘My Love is Stronger’ – picking up support from the likes of David Guetta, Avicii and Nero amongst others – we thought it was about time to get together for a chat with the lady herself. Keep reading to see what went down!

Hello! Thanks for talking to us here at The Noise Gate. To introduce yourself to our readers, can you start by telling us your name, where you’re from, and how you’d describe your sound?

Hi! Thanks for having me. My name is Marina and I’m from Ukraine. In making music I always seek for perfection; I like when it carries away and try to share not only some nice sound but much more – mood, emotion and something really meaningful. I strongly believe that music makes the world a better place.

We see that JouTi means ‘light’ in Sanskrit – would say that you consider your stage name to be a reflection of your sound, or of you as an artist more generally?

In fact it’s a reflection of a better me I’m trying to be. This name was given by my spiritual teacher as I’m practicing Yoga in Daily Life. So, I just made some variation in spelling and had no hesitations while choosing it as a stage name. Of course all that naturally comes out in the music too.

Your EDM debut ‘My love is stronger’ received huge support from the likes of David Guetta, Nero and Avicii, that must have been very exciting for you. How does it feel to be getting acclaim for your music? What has the journey been like?

I thought that this first track will be lost after releasing on a small label without proper promo, and was really upset about that. Imagine my surprise when I occasionally found it in several very popular compilations alongside my favorite artists. When Touch The Sound called me and said “Hey, we’re in the Kiss FM Chart” it was really overwhelming and holding the number one spot for five weeks seemed like a miracle which has really changed a lot in my life recently.

All that just encouraged me not to give up despite all the difficulties, and to keep on making new tracks: developing more in production, sound design and singing.

How long have you been making music for? How did you get started?

Actually I spent all my childhood and teens mastering the piano and studying composition with very bright teachers. That resulted in winning a couple of classical music contests. I was going to become a composer but went down a different route developing in PR and marketing fields, though I always felt sorry for having given up music. So, a few years ago I took another shot at it and started exploring electronic music.

Which musical artists have influenced your sound?

‘Old school’ music was a big part of my upbringing as I played a lot of Chaikovsky, Debussi, Chopin and jazz masterpieces. Later I discovered Madonna, Jamiroquai, Sting, The Prodigy, David Guetta, Above and Beyond and of course lots of other great artists whom I always thank in mind for their amazing music.

Can you talk us through your creative process for putting a song together?

In fact I started to improvise earlier than playing music instruments. That may seem strange but sometimes music plays straight in my head, so I take the dictaphone and record the sketches. A few years ago I started to write lyrics. Another one of my ways of creating music is just doing improvisation on the piano or midi keyboard. The inspiration always comes out naturally.

We see you’re soon to release ‘Destined to Fly’ and are also currently working on some exciting collaborations for the autumn, can you tell us any more about this?

Well this track ‘Designed To Fly’ is a very personal for me as I’m a sky junkie with a couple of years of skydiving experience. The idea is pretty unusual. I carried it in mind and did some sketches long ago, but the arrangement and mixing need refreshment. I expect it to be released in the first half of 2015 together with an amazing video.

Have you got any other projects in the pipeline?

Yes, at the moment we’re finishing two Progressive Trance tracks with Andi Vax. I also have a couple of Progressive & Deep House projects waiting in the wings for their turn too. I always start my creative process with the idea and the vision in which style it will sound the best and feel really bored gluing to one genre. Eventually we all have mixed-styles tracks in our playlists.

Also while new tracks are still cooking I’m working on a new DJ mix which I’ve nicknamed ‘an hour of positive vibrations☺’. And it’s very exciting as some radio shows and DJ podcasts are already waiting for it.

That’s very exciting, we look forward to it! Who are you listening to at the moment? Any tips for the second half of 2014?

I adore almost all the artists from Anjunabeats and Spinning Records family. I guess these two labels will keep on setting the trends in the nearest future. I recently discovered Jamie Woon and I can’t stop admiring the distinctive style of Paul Newman.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us today. Before we go, is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

Sure, it’d be a very long list of names. To mention a few first of all it’s Andi Vax who’s always so encouraging and patient to my endless perfection-seeking when we work over tracks in the studio. Of course, I’d like to thank Touch The Sound, Jackie White, Monster Kill and Tune Crashers for the great remixes, Ost & Meyer for their very helpful directions and Kiss FM Ukraine for an amazing support and making me believe in miracles again!

Take a listen to JouTi’s collaboration with Andi Vax below, and check out her YouTube and SoundCloud for more music and videos!


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