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Joe Europe – ‘Cupid’ (The Remixes)

Joe Europe – ‘Cupid’ (The Remixes)

For their 27th EP Teleskopik Recordings are releasing two remixes of Joe Europe’s ‘Cupid’, which was originally put out by the label in 2011.

Set up in 2008, Teleskopik Recordings have made their name with a series of well-crafted minimal techno and tech-house music releases. With current artists on their roster including long-standing genre producers Dave Tarrida, Jamie Ball as Action Bastard and Cave Sedem, as well as a selection of up and coming production talents, the label delivers a range of styles from techno and tech house to electro, acid house and chill out beats.

Their latest release features remixes from three of their up and comers, namely Mr23, Elexx and Olivier S. Elexx began his career in the early 90’s on French techno and house radio stations, and in 1992 collaborated with Olivier S to produce a highly successful radio show which they devoted to electronic music. Meanwhile Sebastien Vanhove, aka Mr23, is qualified as a sound engineer and built his own studio in which he recorded his first two EP’s for the label.

Whilst Olivier has continued to broadcast on radio from his hometown in France, Elexx relocated to Edinburgh in the mid 90’s where he organised club nights and ran the label Pull Records. Despite their deep immersion within the electronic music scene, both appear to have taken a timely break between their initial involvements and their return to producing: Elexx has been busy working on various projects including the setting up and running of Teleskopik, whilst recent years have seen Olivier S release three EP’s through Teleskopik.

Mr23 step-up for the first remix in the package with a unique tech-house rework of the original track. Bringing solid rhymes together with elegantly structured synth melodies, Sebastien delivers a groovy shoulder-twitching remix that retains a dark and grimy underground feel.

On the flip, Elexx and Olivier S continue a long tradition of electronic partnerships with a tag-team remix of Joe Europe’s original cut. Combining a harder and darker sound, with driving minimal beats leading the beat forward, the pair reconstruct ‘Cupid’ into a completely reworked slice of techno.

Set for release on October 31st, take a listen to Mr23’s remix below to get a feel whilst waiting for it to drop!

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